Sunday, April 17, 2011

Agriculture Of The Future

Today the population of the world is increasing dramatically increasing the number of people that are needed to be fed, but the land available for farming is shrinking. Thats why we need farms that occupy less space, rely on fewer pesticides an give more output that can stay fresh longer.

Aquaponic farming can be the answer, a new system of mini vertical farms where fish and plants live symbiotically.
These ecosystems of plants & animals are connected by tubes– microbes eat the (refined) waste produced by the fish, convert it into fertilizer, and fertilize the lettuce, kale, wheatgrass, or other crops growing in a shallow pool of water nearby.

Aquaponic farming makes possible year long harvest while minimizing the need of waterIt also removes the dangerous waste, the only place for which were the landfills. Says Miles Harston, an aquaponic farming in Illinois, “In nature, there is no ‘waste.’ Every waste product becomes a benefit for another [natural] event.”
A great deal of aquaponic farmers are utilizing large, abandoned structures such as truck yards or meat plants. With less money to spend on building an completely new compound, these indoor farms are both sustainable and give profit, & have the ability to produce more food to feed more mouths.

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