Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Virgin Oceanic Opens Abyss Of Fun

Virgin group; a company that aims to the creation of one of the world’s first commercial spaceflights,  is now gonna explore new uncharted territories, and this time its below the sea surface. Once unleashed Virgin Oceanic will be the most exotic way to visit the depths, featuring five dives in the oceans all around the world over the course of the next two years. Four of the five selected places (in map below), have never seen a man made vessel other then shipwrecks.

Pilots will be roaming these new waters riding the most high-tech & advanced single-person submarines ever built, the only vessels that can reach full ocean depth. Made by blending carbon fiber & titanium, the Virgin Oceanic's submarine can survive tremendous pressure levels (at the deepest diving point, pressure on the quartz dome could reach up to 13 million pounds, or the weight of three space shuttles!).
Marine engineer & Virgin Oceanic sub designer Graham Hawkes may be the best person to ask about these sci-fi subs. According to Ted.com, Hawkes’ ingeniously designed submersibles “ look like airplanes and behave like ocean creatures, using their wings and unique propulsion to gracefully soar and somersault into the deep”. Here is a Video that describes the science behind his creations:
Mr Richard Branson  Virgin Group's founder & an eager adventurer, will himself pilot at least one of these subs. If the experimental expeditions succeed, then the world will develop a whole new view of the oceans & abysses.

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