Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd of April. Today's story is about one man, who was dreamed to alter the way we treat our planet, and kept struggling until he converted it into reality in the end.

Making  World A  Better  Place 
In 1963, US Senator Gaylord Nelson wasn't very pleased with the earth's condition. He wished to purify the planet and solve pollution and environmental problems. As a senator, Gaylord Nelson was in position to put some significant efforts in making laws spo he consulted the then Us president John F. Kennedy. Kennedy agreed with him on the point that the earth's environment was a severe problem, so he went around on a five day country wide journey to promote the idea of clean environment. After this people began making small efforts, but they were not enough.
Becoming  an  Official  Holiday
After a few years, senator named Nelson raised a point that every year one day should be reserved for nothing but care of the planet. On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated. Since then, Earth Day has become an international holiday & is celebrated by people all around the world to highlight the importance of making Earth a cleaner & greener place.
Did U Know?
  • 1980s rock band, Dramarama, wrote a song about Earth Day in 1993 called What Are We Gonna Do?
  • There were more than 20 million demonstrators in Earth Day activities of 1970.
  • Today more than 500 million people in 164 countries participate in Earth Day festivities!
  • Every year, 14 billion tons of garbage is dumped in the ocean.

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