Friday, April 29, 2011

Eco Domes; World's Largest Classrooms

Eden Project, as they call it is composed of giant eye catching open rooms planed to be constructed in South Korea. It will be a series of unique looking structures that are based on world's ecosystems & will provide a place for ecologists and ordinary people to examine the environment.

The "Green Architecture" has seen many things like smog-eating cement and vertical farms, but now green buildings will recreate & simulate entire ecological environments. Developed by SAMOO Architects and Engineers, the EcoriumProject spans 33,000 square meters of floor area. This project will feature an education center, a wild plant area, a wetland reserve, an environmentally-focused think tank, and a large system of interconnected greenhouses.
The scientists at Ecorium will research on multiple different ecosystems that are found in nature and find better ways to preserve them, this project will also offer a perfect point for public expos and education programs on ecology. The National Ecological Institute of South Korea aims to find ways to influence public policy and help environment friendly laws. And I thought my local science center was cool!

railway track is also being planned to increase public accessibility. The greenhouses will include high tech equipment capable of modifying the internal conditions with the change in the climate outside, thus decrease energy needs. Each structure will be built out of metal panels, wood, and plexiglass, and look like a winding river, if seen from above. Twisting, leaf-like shapes will also be used throughout the architecture.

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  1. Very cool. I wish they would build something like that in the U.S.